Terms and conditions

We sell tattoo and piercing related products only to persons lawfully permit such products to purchase and possess in the particular jurisdiction in which they reside. Your purchase of products from Skin King Tattoo Supply, be it in person, by phone, by mail, by fax or on the Internet, binds you and your heirs, your assigns, your beneficiaries and personal representatives legally as follows: If Skin King Tattoo Supply products ordered and purchased , you indicate that you are of legal age to the ordered products to buy and which products can be purchased and held in the country, state, region and / or city of residence. By offering products for sale, provides Skin King Tattoo Supply not and does not guarantee that any purchaser of the products may legally purchase, possess or own.

Products of Skin King Tattoo Supply can be dangerous and can physical and chemical damage to certain individuals. If you have products Skin King Tattoo Supply purchased, then you agree to all risks related to and / or arising out of your possession, to take upon you and vote you agree Skin King Tattoo Supply to indemnify and hold harmless from all claims brought by any person or entity against Skin King Tattoo Supply arising out of your possession and / or use of the products. Damaged or faulty goods are included. Use of any of our tattoo ink in certain individuals may cause an allergic reaction. Skin King Tattoo Supply accepts no responsibility for allergic reactions in certain individuals in whom this product is applied. Samples or consulting a dermatologist prior to use is recommended. Skin King Tattoo Supply tried to give you the most skin-friendly inks, but can not guarantee that everyone's chemical properties are identical, nor the health of some individuals predict, nor how they care for their tattoo after application.

You also agree that you have purchased the product in a safe and legal manner will use, in accordance with all applicable laws, recognized safety rules, and common sense. Take as buyer purchase all responsibility and risks associated with any product of about Skin King Tattoo Supply. You also agree that you will keep the products out of the hands of minors and untrained and / or immature individuals. Skin King Tattoo Supply strives products as well as possible to show in photos, price etc. If errors occur, your order will be adjusted in accordance with the facts.


We offer 3 months warranty on all our tattoo power supplies and tattoo machine coils. Due to the nature of our tattoo materials, we are unable to guarantee on tattoo and piercing needles, tattoo grips and tips, piercing tools and pliers. piercing jewelry, tattoo ink or disposable materials.

In the unlikely event that you want to return an item, we offer 7 day money back guarantee on all items sent back to us in exactly the same brand new sealed condition in which they arrived, minus shipping. These terms and conditions do not apply to tattoo and piercing needles, tattoo grips and tips, piercing tools and pliers, piercing jewelry, disposable materials and tattoo ink. All returnable items not in original condition are returned are subject to 10% repackaging and in some cases full refund refused. It is the responsibility of the customer to the articles to be packaged so that they arrive safely with us. We also recommend that items be returned via an insured, trackable delivery service. If refund is denied, it is up to the customer to pick up the items or the shipping reforwarding to pay.

All returnable items that are defective and within the warranty can be returned to us for repair or replacement. It is the responsibility of the customer to the articles to be packaged so that they arrive safely with us. If after receiving and testing show that the returned product is not defective or that the customer could rectify the fault yourself, it is the responsibility of the customer to the item to pick up or pay shipping for retransmission.

The shipping costs to all defaulting parts / items within the warranty must be paid by the customer. These costs depend on the component / product to be sent and the shipping method selected by the customer.


We are not responsible for eventual additional costs such as customs, import taxes, etc.